Created with the goal to provide the highest quality, safest & most effective medical marijuana possible to Michigan licensed patients. We utilize a science based approach to cultivation through research & technological development with sustainable organic farm practices .

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Harmful Sprays can cause adverse physical & mental effects, we only use clean green all natural approaches to pests, Incorporating a strict integrated pest management system as well as predatory insects help us stay true to what we care about most.



We believe it all comes down to the soils living biology, our soil is alive and full of energy, understanding the science behind this is why we grow a superior flower .


Organic Medicine

Mineral salt base nutrients in our opinion leaves a nasty aftertaste even if properly grown. Organic sources of plant food like crab & shrimp meal, bone meal, beneficial microbials and fungi sound gross but make a superior flower.

Tightly Controlled Growing Enviroments


With every new growing environment we build, we learn more about those particular set of traits for that plant, having set parameters to track and monitor data through relative humidity, temperature, VPD, light intensity and much more gives us the ability record conversational data for more insight into the profile and abilities helping us grow clean and consistent medication every time on a much smaller scale level.


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Looking For A Caregiver?

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) is a state registry program, that allows a primary caregiver up to a maximum of 5 patients. Sometimes finding quality medication without having to wait in line at a dispensary is extremely hard to come by, let us help connect you to a caregiver who practices all the same growing techniques and sanitary practices that we do.

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Typically a cultivar is just a cultivated variety, selected for and based on the particular (desirable) phenotypic qualities that make it better overall . This selecting process is a very important part in achieving optimal results every time for production typically referred to as pheno-hunting, so that patients can have clean and consistent medication every time.

Current List of Cultivated Varieties

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  • Given Name Lineage

        • Grape God -God Bud x Grapefruit

        • Blissfull Wizard -Captain Cookies x Girl Scout Cookies

        • Big Bud -Afghani Haze x Northern Lights

        • Jack Herer -Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk

        • Super Glue -Afghani x Northern Lights

        • Animal Monster -Girl Scout Cookies x GDP

        • Purple Punch - Larry OG x GDP

        • Kaboom -Jack Cleaner x Vortex

        • Snowcone -Tahoe Banana Sherbert x OG # 18

        • Zweet Inzanity -Durban Poison x Rainmaker (Citral Skunk x Mandarin) x Gorilla Glue #4

        • Og Lime Cookies -LOGH x Forum

        • Mint Milano -Girl Scout Cookies x Wedding Cake

        • Crockets Confidential -LA Confidential x Family Secret

        • Tiramisu -Wedding Cake x Gelato 45

        • Frozen Lassi - Mango Juice x Jet Fuel Gelato

        • Oompas - Peanut Butter Cookies x Wonka Barz

        • Oreoz -Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookie Pheno

        • Etho Tester -Mandarin Cookies v2 x Peach Ringz

        • Zelato F2 -Gelato #41 Bx1 Everglades Male , Zkittles

        • Lilac Cookies Bx2 -Lilac diesel x Forum cut cookies X

          Mandarin cookies x Lilac diesel Bx3

        • Member Berry RBx1 -Skunk Berry x Mandarin cookies #17

          Purple Majik R1 - Cherry Heirloom clone x Mandarin Sunset

        • Crescendo RBxV2 -Crescendo #7 x Mandarin cookies #17

        • Willys Punch -Papaya Punch x Wonka Bars

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